School Based Programs

School Based Programs Overview

DATA runs multiple behavioral health programs and services for youth and families that focus on reducing risk factors generally associated with the progression of substance use and mental health problems. This is accomplished through early identification of those at risk, performing individual assessments, and providing supportive services that emphasize short term counseling and referral.

Our School Based Programs are provided to children at middle and high schools in Palm Beach County and along the Treasure Coast. Schools are selected based on need and the willingness of school administration to participate and embrace the programs. DATA’s School Based Programs are provided in accordance with School Board policy and procedure, and parent or legal guardian permission must be given prior to participation.

Project Success

Prevention is the most effective way to reduce mental health and substance use issues in youth as they mature. Project SUCCESS is located in more than 21 middle schools and high schools in Palm Beach County and along the Treasure Coast. This evidence-based program builds on the findings of other successful prevention programs by using interventions that are effective in reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors. Services include a universal prevention education series, individual and group counseling, parenting programs, and referral services.

Intervention strategies include information dissemination, normative and prevention education, problem identification and referral, community-based process and environmental approaches. Counselors also concentrate on boosting resistance and social competency skills such as communication, decision making, stress and anger management, problem solving, and resisting peer pressure.

Project SUCCESS counselors primarily work with students individually and in small groups, and also conduct large group prevention/education discussions and programs such as the Prevention Education Series. Counselors also train and consult with school staff on prevention issues, and link students and families needing substance use treatment or mental health services.

School Based Behavioral Health Program

As part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act passed in 2018, this program places behavioral health therapists in 15 Palm Beach County schools on a daily basis. Working closely with The School District of Palm Beach County, we are able to help youth who may have behavioral health problems or are struggling with a personal or family issue.

School Based Intervention

Intervention services are provided to youth at more than 18 local high schools and middle schools. Services include the identification of youth at risk through individual assessment; individual psychosocial assessment; short-term individual, family and group counseling; and referral to appropriate services for youth who need more intensive care.

This program may include evidence-based anger management and substance use education as forms of intervention using treatment strategies such as the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The ultimate goal is successful completion and sustained recovery.

Youth admitted to this program are generally only permitted to attend individual and family sessions during non-CORE classes and with teacher permission. The program follows the academic calendar approved by the School District.


There are no fees to participate in our School Based programs.


Our School Based programs are located in selected middle and high schools in Palm Beach County and along the Treasure Coast.

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